• Changing An Industry.

    What role did Ulmer & Berne have in a client’s growth from an entrepreneur with an idea to one of the fastest growing technology companies? Partner Vance VanDrake and client Austin Allison, founder and CEO of Dotloop, reflect on their relationship.

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  • Advocating For Clients.

    What makes Ulmer & Berne's approach to securities enforcement cases different? Partner Alan Wolper explains our approach.

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  • Avoiding Litigation.

    How did Ulmer & Berne avoid prolonged federal court litigation for a large publicly-traded industrial company in a wage and hour collective action with the potential of a multi-million dollar exposure? Partners Yelena Boxer and Mark Katz discuss our approach.

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  • Mutual Respect.

    How does Ulmer & Berne work with clients on complicated urban development projects? Partner Mary Forbes Lovett and client, Karen Paganini, from K&D Management, explain their relationship.

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